TopCure Concrete Curing Cover – 10′ x 250′ Roll

SKU: 3412102500

TopCure is an advanced, seven-day cover that provides a controlled curing environment for slabs on grade. It features a grit, anti-skid surface to keep workers from accidental slips and falls; a proprietary Transhield white coating that reflects sunlight and helps control the temperature under the cover; hydrating pods to allow faster water absorption in the nonwoven material and concrete surface area; a performance film composition with higher strength and better physical properties compared to equal weight covers; and, a pH modifier fostering an optimal concrete curing climate.


  • 10’ x 250’ rolls (2,500 square foot) – individually wrapped
  • Meets ASTM C171
  • Highly-reflective white color repels UV rays, reduces evaporation rate, and retains moisture
  • Anti-slip “grit” surface prevents slips and falls
  • Strong. Won’t tear and fall apart when removing
  • Lays flat
  • Hydrating pods allow faster water absorption into the non-woven material
  • Clean non-woven material maintains moisture for an even cure
  • No super-absorbents used; no residue left behind.

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12' x 20', 6' x 25', 8' x 25'


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