Every so often, we get the opportunity to talk about our absolute favourite products, and today is one of those days. This product has been with us for years and we’re proud to carry it because of the incredible results and repeatedly pleased customers who use it. We’re talking about none other than the Rattle Stick EX Concrete Bull Floats. We have supplied numerous flat work companies with this amazing product because it always performs, cuts down on labour time, and if we don’t have it in stock, we have a close relationship with the supplier to get it quickly! Well, what just is the Rattle Stick?

The Rattle Stick EX Bull Float is a concrete bull-floating tool that vibrates to smooth out freshly poured concrete. Like you would use a bull float right when screeding is completed, you can use the Rattle Stick to do the same and to remove excess moisture or bleed water that rises to the surface through the vibrations caused by the tool. This is an incredibly important step in finishing concrete. The adjustable handle allows for it to be used in all sizes of jobs and the various bull float bottoms allow for increased versatility for different bends and curves needed on poured concrete. Overall creating an incredibly versatile concrete bull-floating tool with no question as to why it’s constantly growing in popularity. The Rattle Stick EX Bull Floats come compatible with DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee batteries, just be sure to select the specific one that you need!

On top of providing excellent products, Rattle Stick does a tremendous job of uploading informative and interesting YouTube videos on their products. See by clicking here a video uploaded FOUR years ago that holds up great on explaining the various ways that the Rattle Stick EX Bull Float can be used. The videos especially showcase the simplicity and speed in which the Rattle Stick is used on job sites, lowering the labour involved which saves money. Click their channel to see further explanations, live on-site demos, and different applications for the bull floats. Their channel has just about everything you need to find out all about Rattle Stick bull floats.  As you already know now, Form & Build is a proud carrier of this product line and we would love to talk more with you about it on the phone at our number 519-453-4300 or you can go directly to our website by clicking here to check it out for yourself and see how it can be right for you!

One of the most popular environmental issues being discussed globally is the issue of limited fresh water. It is no secret that industries everywhere have been shifting their focus to more environmentally friendly efforts. Here in North America, citizens use fresh water every day for simple things like, flushing the toilet and watering plants and grass. One of the most popular ways to avoid using the limited fresh water supply on tasks where it’s not necessary is by using Storm Water; often, people don’t realize that they could be utilizing Storm Water in a variety of different applications. In recent years many municipalities have been creating laws pertaining to the control of stormwater runoff and systems needed in place to manage it. This is where our incredibly popular and often asked about product comes into play; Form & Build is the proud Ontario-wide exclusive supplier of ABT’s Permavoid, which has been the talk of many trade shows and our most popular lunch and learn topic. 

So, what is Permavoid? It is described as a modular interlocking polypropylene void-former, that was originally designed as a high-strength, lightweight and open patented subbase replacement system. The system is characterized by an exceptionally high compressive strength and bending resistance. The units connected with PermaTies create a rigid horizontal structural “raft”, ideal for multifunctional subbase applications. It allows for passive stormwater irrigation to take place, using the fallen stormwater, it stores and passes the water to wherever is desired (could be placed under the grass of a golf course, under a stone pathway in a backyard, or by cities to use under greenery in the streets). This replaces the need of irrigation for the area using fresh water and manual applications. Permavoid simply stores the stormwater and if needed can move that water in a direction to irrigate a certain area, or have it come right back up vertically. Permavoid subbase systems are incredibly versatile because you can build and attach them like Lego blocks to fit any area and any need. They come in 2 sizes, those being the Permavoid 150 and Permavoid 85, with nothing differing than what size you need for your application. 

On top of the environmental pros of replacing the need for freshwater for unnecessary tasks, there are other pros to Permavoid as well. It is unfortunately well known that eco-friendly efforts are typically more expensive than the not. That is not the case with Permavoid. Permavoid saves you money in a wide variety of ways making it in the end an actual cost-saving method of irrigation. Permavoid eliminates the costs associated with deep excavations, backfill materials, potential subgrade conflicts, and any/all costs associated with the manual removal of stormwater runoff compared to other subbase systems. It also means less trips to the planters for water (this uses less water overall) which means less trips for the crews involved with keeping the greens fresh and healthy (less manual labour). 

Permavoid has been growing in popularity every month with many engineering, architects and municipalities getting involved (before laws will make them get involved in years to come) and Form & Build could not be happier to be Ontario’s exclusive provider. Form & Build is eager to help you learn more and would love to do a lunch and learn session to help you figure out how Permavoid can work for you in your specific situations. You can give us a call at (905) 362-1554 or visit us at formandbuild.com/lunch-and-learn to set up a lunch and learn with us and your business as soon as possible (or whatever day works best for you) and feel free to check out Permavoid on our website at formandbuild.com/product/permavoid-150 to see for yourself! 

It’s not a secret, construction never stops in Ontario, through all conditions, any time of the year, construction is alive and well. Recently, there have been many large-scale and expansive projects that have broken ground or are in the beginning stage. Which gives us many cool and interesting upcoming projects to be excited about right in our own backyard. Today, we’ll be going over some of them and seeing some of the interesting details surrounding them.
The first major construction project we’ll be highlighting is the Ontario Line Transit Expansion. This transit expansion project is located in Toronto and is still in the beginning stages. It’s described as a new 15-kilometre line stretching from Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre. The purpose behind it is to replace the proposed downtown subway line with double the length. It will run mostly underground and could include driverless trains. Scheduled for completion in 2029. This is expected to be an absolutely massive project and we are sure to hear plenty more about this in the near future.

The next major project to be discussed is the Panda Markham Condominiums. This project is a massive condominium project to take place on a 5.78-acre site at 8200 Warden Avenue in Markham. The condominium is set to include 5 residential towers with retail on the ground level, with a total of 2206 units. The idea behind this project is to combat the ever-growing population of Markham and the surrounding area because in recent years Markham’s population has vastly increased. What makes this project so interesting is that the intent of the buildings is to be very “architecturally rich” with futuristic elements creating an absolutely beautiful community. The project is currently in the design phase with no set finishing date.
The final major construction project we’ll be discussing is the Union Park Development by Oxford Properties. This project is located in Toronto and will be a massive 4.3 million square foot development consisting of 4 towers. This will be the largest development in Toronto’s history. The towers will be just north of the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower. Two of the towers will be 54 and 44 storeys tall and will consist of office space, while the other two towers at 54 and 44 storeys tall will consist of 800 rental units, integrated daycare, and 200 000 square feet of retail space. The idea is to build an incredibly visually appealing development using a globally renowned architecture team to match the world-class city that Toronto is, and to stay consistent with its evolution. The area will have a ton of foot traffic with a 3-acre sized park. This breathtaking project will certainly increase the number of individuals in the area and will directly help the Toronto downtown core!
All of these projects taking place in Ontario, and all come with price tags. This only means that Ontario construction is going to continue at its accelerating pace. Many upcoming projects would indicate no signs of slowing down, and that is music to all of our ears. Who knows, you may find yourselves working on these major projects in the near future, or you might be working on them right now! We’re here to be your partner in any and all projects you may end up working on – give us a call today to see what we can do for your project.

Here at Form & Build, it is easy to see that our bread and butter is concrete forming. Today we are proud to bring to you another product spotlight, with this product being in our favourite realm, concrete forming. Brought to you by our trusted supplier ABT, we are thrilled to be spotlighting the one and only TrenchFormer TFX concrete forming system. This concrete forming system provides a variety of benefits and has recently taken the concrete forming market by storm.

The TrenchFormer TFX concrete forming system is described as “the original expanded polystyrene cast-in-place concrete forming system”. It differs from traditional hand-formed cast-in-place trenches through the completely customizable forming sections, allowing designers to select the width, depth, shape, and slope for any specification and project conditions. The result is a high-precision monolithic trench that is faster and easier to install. The excellent creativity that this system brings is simply unmatched, plus the ease of installation is a nice bonus too. On top of this, the concrete former is entirely removed prior to service allowing complete inspection of the workmanship and quality of the final product. While other systems conceal concrete voids, which could lead to frame collapse amongst other failures. When you combine expert cast-in-place pouring methods with the TrenchFormer TFX, the end result is a concrete U-shaped drainage channel that’s made to last.

Wondering if there could be even more to love about the TrenchFormer TFX system? There sure is. On top of those amazing benefits, it’s also environmentally friendly! The expanded polystyrene forms are manufactured without CFC’s and can be disposed of safely and easily.  It’s also recyclable plus The TrenchFormer TFX concrete trench drain forms reduce the amount of landfill materials associated with cast-in-place or liner systems. With heavy machinery only being involved during the excavation process, this system is not only creative, in-depth, and straightforward, its very green too!

Not that you needed any more reason to be impressed but the ABT TrenchFormer cast-in-place trench drain system is put in place in a fraction of the time of previous cast-in-place trench drain construction methods. This reduces install costs by minimum 33%, saving money for everyone involved. The components are specifically designed for prolonged service life too. Clearly it can be seen why this product has everyone talking. You may be asking yourself, where could I get such an incredible product? Well, Form & Build is here to help. You can call the closest of any of our 6 branches Ontario-wide for more information and make sure to check out our website here for more information as well!

It’s almost the time we all dread, the beginning of the end of summer. Those with pools have enjoyed lounging around them all summer long during this dry and hot summer. Those without a pool may have spent their summer thinking about finally getting that pool they’ve always wanted. This read is for those who are in the second boat, who are looking for inspiration to go forth with that long-time plan of wanting a pool. Hopefully you’ve spent your summer in your friend’s pool, family’s pool, or that neighbour that you don’t overly like but talk to because they have a pool’s pool. If you haven’t it’s time to start contacting pool contractors in your area for next year, but we’re here to go over some options with you in the mean time. There are plenty of options when it comes to having your own pool, and Form & Build is able to assist in many of those facets.

Our specialty has always been concrete and as such, we couldn’t recommend more for looking into having a concrete based pool, pool deck, and more! Look at these examples below for inspiration on some of the many styles you’re able to achieve for your pool with concrete!

Concrete has long been the go-to method for most pools, especially in residential areas. It’s a practical way to go about installing your pool and also gives you the beautiful sleek design that concrete allows for. Form & Build can help with all concrete needs, and that includes a wide variety of products that pertain to the concrete forming of projects such as pools.

A favourite of ours is Stegmeier, a long-time leader in the pool/pool deck industry and below you’ll be able to see why through the beautiful work they do on pools.

Form & Build is a proud carrier of Stegmeier products because they are high quality and effective. One of the core products that Stegmeier has to aid in pool development is their unique Slip N Join Lumber forms. Pictured below, these forms give you the ability to create pool decks and pathways of basically any shape, with the utmost ease. You are able to mix and match a variety of shapes and sizes to match any pool design that your heart desires. Inspiring, isn’t it?

We’re proud to be the exclusive distributor of MetalForms products. The range of projects that can be completed using MCF PolyMeta Forms is enormous, not only are they great for pools, but they also are fantastic for pool decks and pathways around pools. Pictured below are some pool and pool decks created with the use of MFC steel forms.

The steel forms used in these projects are perfect for pools and pool decks for many reasons. Using steel forms ensures that moisture will not be absorbed from the poured concrete and therefore will not warp. Another reason to go with PolyMeta Forms would be the ease of mimicking pool designs for the decks and pathways. These forms are ideal for creating shapes that work with your pool design, and easily too. Metal Forms have really shifted into the primary forms used for concrete jobs surrounding moisture (such as pool projects) in recent years because of all the amazing qualities, bonuses, and traits that these forms provide, such as those listed above.
There is no wonder as to why pool projects using MFC forms have grown in popularity and no wonder as to why concrete pools will never go out of style. The masterful designs and ease of installation make concrete based pools the kings of the industry with almost no fear of losing that crown. I know you’ve been picturing your future pool in your head while reading these examples and probably have tweaked it even with these inspiring and beautiful pictures. That imaginary pool does not need to be imaginary anymore, and with the help of Form & Build, we can make that dream a reality for the next summer season. Wondering if Form & Build carries all these amazing products discussed today plus many more such as Stegmeier deck drains, etc.? Well of course we do, you can visit our website right here to view all our amazing pool related products and you can kickstart this project into motion by calling any of our branches and speaking with a F&B representative!

It’s no secret that concrete forming is our bread & butter at Form & Build. Which means that after over 45 years of being a trusted industry leader in all things related to concrete forming, that if we really like something it must be really, really good. The something we really like right now and can’t stop raving about is Poly Meta Forms.

Poly Meta Forms are a lightweight and green alternative to traditional curb forming methods. As opposed to using wood for the forms, Poly Meta Forms use a combination of plastic with steel stake pockets and overhead hangers for all kinds of concrete jobs. The plastic material allows for flexibility of the forms, which just isn’t possible with wood forms. The flexibility allows for countless more uses and the ability to save time when creating rounded areas. The Poly Meta Form system allows for horizontal and vertical adjustments by simply loosening the wedge on the steel pockets. For horizontal adjustments, twist in overhead hanger unit adjusts for both curb thickness and curb batter and for vertical adjustments the Stacking Pockets let users achieve varying heights.

Not convinced yet? The flexibility allows for a quicker and smoother concrete forming process, and ultimately cuts down on labour costs, and end up saving money by not having to buy as many 2×4’s! Poly Meta Forms resist moisture and are, of course, recommend to be used with a release agent. All together this is a better alternative to traditional curb forming methods.

Luckily for you, you are able to find Poly Meta Forms here on our website Through This Link. You can get a quote online through our website, or by calling the nearest of our 6 branches to you. We’d be happy to talk with you about all things Poly Meta!

All of us at Form & Build are excited to both announce and remind you that we will be back at Canadian Concrete Expo 2022! After multiple delays, we cannot wait to be back at the International Centre May 18th-19th. We are excited to see our long-time partners and associates, and meet some of you that we have not been able to see or meet over the last couple of years. With a brand-new booth and a bigger space this year, make sure to come check us out in booth 2667! We will have exclusive deals on various products available only at the show, along with some F&B branded items as always! Set a reminder and save the date and come see your F&B team!

Is it Cost-Effective?

Stamped concrete, otherwise known as textured, imprinted, or decorative concrete, can replicate stones (such as slate and flagstone), tile, brick and even wood. Often used as an alternative to patio brick, paving stone, and other paving options. The concrete used in stamped concrete is more affordable than stone used in other methods, and installation costs for concrete pouring are more inexpensive than the labour costs for other jobs. The maintenance required for stamped concrete is not only easier but is also more affordable.

How’s the Durability and Maintenance?

With stamped concrete being the more cost-effective option, one might think that quality may lack; however, stamped concrete is incredibly durable and if taken care of long-lasting. Concrete sealing is recommended to be done once a year for jobs such as driveways, might we suggest the Formex Decorative Concrete Sealer and also the W.R. Meadows Decra-Seal. Asphalt and brick used in other methods can chip much more easily compared to stamped concrete. All contributing towards its excellent durability.

Room for Creativity?

When looking at using stamped concrete over patio brick, paving stone or other paving methods, don’t forget to take the near limitless amount of colour and design choices that stamped concrete can offer into account! Going with stamped concrete allows you to pick everything from colour, to design to get the exact look you have in mind. You can use stamped concrete for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, interior flooring, and much more – allowing you to customize every aspect to your vision.

Where Can You Get Such Great Products?

Wondering what your stamped concrete options look like? Take a look at the decorative section of our website, to see the limitless possibilities and combinations of stamps and finishes available.  With plenty of options with brands like Brickform and Proline, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for! Check us out online at formandbuild.com and get a quote today!

When you carry over 7000 products, it’s hard to choose favourites-but Forta Ferro Fibers have been pretty close since we began to carry them a few years ago. Forta Ferro Fibers are an easy-to-finish, colour blended fiber, made of 100% virgin copolymer/polypropylene consisting of a twisted bundle non-fibrillating monofilament and a fibrillating network fiber, yielding a high-performance concrete reinforcement system. That’s a lot of very long words, but what it comes down to, the fibers can be used as a substitute for rebar/wire mesh in horizontal applications for concrete projects! All the while reducing plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, improving impact strength, and increasing fatigue resistance and concrete toughness. The extra heavy-duty fiber offers maximum long-term durability, structural enhancements, and effective secondary/temperature crack control by incorporating a truly unique synergistic fiber system of long length design.

Why Should You Use Them?

Still looking for a reason to use Forta Ferro Fibers? With supply issues and rising costs of steel, fibers are a perfect replacement for rebar and wire mesh (in horizontal applications) and are experiencing little to no delay on lead times. When we’ve talked with customers who have used Forta Ferro Fibers in their projects, they’re always excited about the benefits they’ve found including decreased labour costs, time and money are both saved without having to lay and tie rebar/ mesh, and are always impressed with the smooth finish they’re able to achieve with the fibers. To top it off, Forta Ferro fibers cannot corrode – adding longevity to your slab or project.

How Do You Get Them?

If cutting costs on labour and materials and getting your materials faster appeals to you, then Forta Ferro is exactly what you’re looking for. Look no further as Form & Build has an exclusive partnership with Forta Ferro, meaning we can get it for you when you need it. Want to learn more? Head over to our page on Forta Ferro Fibers and get a quote online, or you can call any of our branches and a member of our sales team will be able to answer any questions you may have. A small change to your process, that will make you wish you did it sooner, we promise.

About Permavoid

With the world shifting a focus to more eco-friendly tactics in every facet, there is no wonder why eco-friendly products within the construction industry are getting more and more attention. In 2022, there are an ever-growing amount of eco-friendly products within the industry. Form & Build is proud to be eco-friendly, and also proud to be the exclusive Ontario distributor of Permavoid. Permavoid prides themselves on their stormwater management system’s and rightfully so, and they are an innovating leader in stormwater and environmentally friendly products. Form & Build proudly carries two major products from Permavoid, those being Permavoid 150 and 85.

What is Permavoid 150 and 85?

Permavoid 150 is a modular interlocking polypropylene void-former, that was originally designed as a high strength, lightweight and open subbase replacement system. The system is characterized by an exceptionally high compressive strength and bending resistance. The units connected with PermaTies create a rigid horizontal structural “raft”, ideal for multifunctional subbase applications. The system has evolved to a subbase replacement system with aeration, water conveyance, storage, infiltration, and irrigation functionality. While also effectively combining its high compression strength with the very high void ratio (95%), providing reliable and efficient stormwater conveyance and storage in subbase constructions. It is not only suitable for stormwater attenuation and conveyance but also functions as a sub-soil capillary irrigation system, creating a constant soil moisture content for plants, turf grass or equestrian surfaces. Altogether, it provides an eco-friendly solution to stormwater management while also providing an eco-friendly option for your soil. Permavoid 85 does the same thing, but with a shallow 85mm sustainable urban sustainable system as opposed to a 150mm shallow system, and are not mutually exclusive, they can be used together. The difference being the sheer size for the two, with different jobs and situations being more geared towards a specific size.

Why Should I Think About Using it?

The two sizes provide flexibility to provide use for any job of any size, meaning these can be applicable in nearly every situation. Now that more and more municipalities are not allowing for excess runoff into sewers, Permavoid provides a perfect solution to this issue, through using stormwater within a renewable system to passively irrigate the area and stop drainage into the sewers. There are plenty of benefits to having a passive renewable stormwater management system such as eliminating the costs associated with deep excavations, backfill materials, potential subgrade conflicts, and any/all costs associated with the manual removal of stormwater runoff. On top of everything mentioned, it means less trips to the planters for water (this uses less water overall) which means less trips for the crews involved with keeping the greens fresh and healthy (less manual labour). Permavoid effectively transforms stormwater, which for some is an issue, into a renewable resource!

Where Could I Find Such Great Products?

Why at www.Formandbuild.com of course! Form & Build is a proud carrier of the ABT Permavoid product line. On the website you can clearly locate the Permavoid 150 by clicking here, and also the Permavoid 85 too by clicking here. Check out the capillary cones and PermaTies too. Give it all a look online today and get a quote online, or get in touch with a Form & Build sales representative to see if the fit is right for you.