W.R. Meadows Reziweld LV

SKU: M13714806, M13714816, M13714010

REZI-WELD LV low viscosity injection epoxy is a moisture insensitive, very low viscosity, high modulus, high strength, structural injection resin. REZI-WELD LV resists most chemicals and features a unique, innovative unitized packaging concept. It combines two pre-measured components into an easy-to-handle single unit along with a handy wood-mixing paddle (1 gal. unit only). The unitized packaging eliminates mishandling and mismatching of the components on the jobsite.

REZI-WELD LV is designed for gravity feeding or pressure injecting using two-component metering systems, hand-held bulk guns or pressure pots.  It is suitable for injecting fine, non-moving structural cracks for long-term repairs.

When mixed with sand or aggregates REZI-WELD LV makes an economical, easy-to-use epoxy mortar for patching or repairing defects in concrete substrates, securing machinery base plates to concrete floors, interior non-skid toppings and structural bonding applications.


• Ideal for pressure injection and gravity feeding
• Advantageous as a low viscosity, epoxy adhesive binder
• Bonds cured concrete to fresh or hardened concrete
• Combines with aggregate to form an interior non-skid topping
• Resists many industrial chemicals
• Features low-viscosity, high-modulus, high-strength, selflevelling characteristics
• Furnished in unitized packaging
• Can be extended with sand to make an epoxy mortar

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1 Gallon, 16 OZ, 6.3 OZ


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