Formex CanSeal Joint Filler (JF)

SKU: 4110121111

CanSeal JF is a 100% solids, two-component, UV resistant, semirigid, rapid-curing, polyurea for filling control and construction joints in heavy duty industrial concrete floors. CanSeal JF allows for joints to be shaved quickly for fast turnaround. CanSeal JF has been designed for use in compliance with ACI 302, section 4.10 recommendations for joint fillers used in saw cut/control joints with a Shore A Durometer of 85. CanSeal JF can also be used for the repair of damaged or spalled joint nosing and cracks

• Easy 1 to 1 ratio, pourable/pumpable consistency
• UV Resistant, Colorfast
• High elongation (200%) to resist tearing due to excessive movement
• Semi-rigid flexibility that does not weld slabs together or become brittle with age
• Optimum hardness (Shore A = 85) to transfer wheel loads while allowing moderate movement
• Can be applied and cures down to –20o F
• Quicker turnaround/less downtime than epoxy joint fillers


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