W.R. Meadows Gel Paste

SKU: M13715809, M13715822, M13715004, M13715010

REZI-WELD GEL PASTE is a high viscosity, rapid setting, thixotrophic, and structural, epoxy-based, chemical anchoring/bonding adhesive and injection resin. REZI-WELD GEL PASTE provides high mechanical properties and bond strength to concrete and various other substrates. REZI-WELD GEL PASTE is a two-component, moisture-insensitive construction epoxy, which can be troweled, brushed, injected, or pumped.

REZI-WELD GEL PASTE is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply paste ideal for filling cracks, anchoring, doweling, and making small patches and general repairs in horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete surfaces. It is also suitable for surface sealing prior to pressure injection. When used as an adhesive, REZI-WELD GEL PASTE fills all voids between surfaces to be bonded.


  • Patches and repairs vertical or overhead concrete surfaces.
  • Fills all gaps between surfaces to be bonded, unlike liquid epoxy adhesives, which might run out and reduce the bond area.
  • Easy to mix and apply with its trowel-grade consistency.
  • Offers high viscosity, high modulus, and high-strength characteristics.
  • Colour-coded, innovative, unitized packaging assures proper mixing of two components.
  • Excellent bond strength suitable for cap sealing.

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1 Gallon, 1 Quart, 20 OZ, 8.3 OZ


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