Tomahawk 30″ Battery Powered Push Sweeper with Triple Power Brooms Electric Drive and Dust Suppression


For big areas and busy schedules, Tomahawk Battery Powered Sweepers are 5X faster than a broom covering a wider path on every pass helping you cover more surface area so you can finish sweeping faster. Clean up to 5 hours on a single charge and sweep up to 38,000 ft²/hr. Collect up to 13 and a half gallons of dust and debris with this sweeper’s large collection bin – from litter and dirt to grass and landscaping clippings. Versatile and convenient this power sweeper can be used indoors and outdoors on wet or dry surfaces. With the all-new automatic dust suppression system, achieve cleaner results while cutting down airborne particles and prevent dust kick up while sweeping.

Operation is easy, simply adjust the broom settings for lighter or deeper cleaning of any hard surface and push forward letting the powered three brush system effortlessly clean up against walls, sidewalks, curbs, corners, between tight spaces, and more. This sweeper is capable of fitting through doorways, plus with fully foldable handles easily store it out of sight to save space without spilling any dirt.


  • Sweep up to 5 hours on a single charge
  • Cover 38,000 ft²/hr indoors and outdoors and on dry or wet surfaces
  • Sweeper has a working width of 31 in. covering a wider path
  • Air filter prevents dust kick-up while sweeping for cleaner results
  • Has a 1-gallon dust suppression tank with a pump power of 30W
  • Powered triple brush sweeper system
  • With a lightweight and compact design capable of fitting through doorways and easily stored as the handles can fold fully for storage


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