Tomahawk 24″ Concrete Power Trowel Edger 5.5HP Honda Float Pan Blade Screed Finishing Tool


Leave laborious hand-finishing tasks in the past with the Tomahawk Power 24 inch Concrete Edging Trowel powered the industry’s reliable 5.5 HP Honda PRO Engine. With its rotating guard ring, finish concrete floors up tight against walls, doorways, or columns without marking or marring. Perfect for concrete finishing of warehouses, decks, parking lots, and more these trowels are great for contractors large and small!

With the included float pan, smooth imperfections and knock down large aggregates to prepare your surface for the final concrete finishing. Using the blade pitch control, adjust from 0-28 degrees with the trowel’s 4 Combo hardened, tempered steel blades to achieve a matte, light gloss, or gleaming finish.

Densify concrete floors with ease for your ideal finishing results on projects including driveways, basements, and commercial/industrial jobs. And for runaway protection and safety, simply release the trowels dead man switch to shut off the machine.


[HONDA GX160 ENGINE] Equipped with a high-performance Honda engine, delivering reliable and efficient power for smooth concrete finishing.

[EASY TO USE] With a 24” working width, operate close to walls, edges and corners with the independent rotating flywheel.

[ADJUSTABLE PITCH] Customize the trowel blade angle from 0-28° for optimal performance and desired finish.

[COMBO BLADES] Allows for a smooth transition from floating to finishing without the need for blade changes. This ensures a consistent and high-quality finish on concrete surfaces.

[FLOAT PAN] Achieve a smoother and more uniform finish, while distributing weight evenly – reducing the risk of creating unwanted ridges or marks.


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