Simpson Titen HD®Heavy Duty Screw Anchors – Zinc Plated


The original high-strength screw anchor for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, as well as uncracked masonry. The Titen HD® offers low installation torque and outstanding performance. Designed and tested in dry, interior, non-corrosive environments or temporary outdoor applications, the Titen HD® demonstrates industry-leading performance even in seismic conditions.


  • • Zinc-plated finish
  • • Qualified for static and seismic loading conditions
  • • Thread design undercuts to efficiently transfer the load to the base material
  • • Standard fractional sizes
  • • Specialized heat-treating process creates tip hardness for better cutting without compromising the ductility
  • • No special drill bit required — designed to install using standard-sized ANSI tolerance drill bits
  • • Testing shows the Titen HD installs in concrete with 50% less torque than competitor anchors
  • • Hex-washer head requires no separate washer, unless required by code, and provides a clean installed appearance
  • • Removable — ideal for temporary anchoring (e.g., formwork, bracing) or applications where fixtures may need to be moved
  • • Reuse of the anchor to achieve listed load values is not recommended


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1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"


1-1/2", 1-3/4", 1-7/8", 2-1/4", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 8-1/2"


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