QC Release Powder – 30LB Pail

SKU: B3RA100, B3RA200, B3RA300, B3RA350, B3RA600, B3RA615, B3RA800, B3RA900-1

The original QC RELEASE POWDER is specifically designed for use with colour hardened textured concrete. This product allows for the clean release of texturing tools from the concrete surface, and at the same time, creates highlighting colour (also called an antiquing effect) with mat-type texturing tools. QC RELEASE POWDER II can be used with all textured concrete.


  •  designed for the clean release of mat-type texturing tools.
  • applied appropriately, QC RELEASE POWDER allows for a clean mat release, with minimum to no effect in pattern transfer.
  • adds colour-embedded variation to the textured surface, providing highlighting and antiquing effects that closely resemble natural material.



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Black, Atlantic Grey, Basalt Grey, Cocoa Brown, Durango Tan, Flint Grey, Mesquite Brown, Stone Grey, Terra Cotta, Woodrose


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