Nuco 29oz. UltraSeal® PF-100 Gun Foam

SKU: N171900

UltraSeal® PF-100 All Weather Gun Foams low expansion feature greatly reduces the time for post cure clean up and trimming if installed correctly. It forms a superior air seal which prevents heat loss, noticeable drafts and is ideal for a variety of application areas in extreme weather conditions all year round.  UltraSeal® PF-100 All Weather adheres to many substrates and can be easily installed with any one of NUCO’s dispensing foam guns.


  • Extreme climate foam, (-18C)
  • A truly low expansion foam.
  • Closed cell structure reduces unwanted air & insect infiltration.
  • Helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Freeze thaw stable.
  • Reusable when stored properly.
  • Excellent all-weather foam.


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