MAX RB401T-E Stand Up TwinTier

SKU: 3319240000

The Stand-up TWINTIER RB401T-E is the world’s first and only battery powered stand-up solution for tying #3 x #3 to #6 on #6 rebar combinations. TWINTIER technology allows the RB401T-E to tie 4,600 ties per charge, while delivering just the right amount of wire for greater productivity and cost savings. Compared to hand tying this tool can greatly reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

  • The RB401T-E is an ergonomic solution for backbreaking slab work.
  • Triggerless technology (Pat. Pending) allows the tool to instantly tie when the contact switch is engaged.
  • The TwinTier’s Dual Wire Feeding Mechanism doubles the tying speed, completing a tie in approximately ½ second, increasing productivity.
  • Compared to conventional rebar tying solutions the TwinTier’s Wire Pull Back Mechanism dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, reducing wire usage and cutting production cost.
  • The TwinTier’s “Wire Bending Mechanism” (Patent Pending) produces a shorter tie height which requires less concrete to cover a wire tie.
  • Users can adjust the tool’s handles to 2 positions, to find the most comfortable fit for their height.


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