Marshalltown Gen3 MagVibe Package


The Gen3 MagVibe immediately turns concrete floats into vibrating floats. It utilizes high frequency vibration at the float, not at the handle, increasing productivity and minimizing fatigue. It has three speeds for optimal vibration control, is water resistant, and can operate up to 20 hours on a single full charge. 24V Lithium Ion battery is included. It bolts onto traditional floats with the QAS™ quick attach system and has tool-less innovation for easy removal.

  • Die cast aluminum design
  • Gear driven pivot allows for easy angle adjustment
  • Fully sealed bearings so concrete won’t gunk up the mechanisms
  • Pivot tensioner allows you to lock the head into position
  • Attaches to traditional floats with the QAS™ quick attach system
  • Easy to remove with tool-less innovation
  • Pole mount fits both 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″ button handle poles
  • Includes the Pro Tilt™, Gen3 MagVibe, QAS™ Male Mounting Plate (QAS-MMT), and the Gen3 MagVibe charger


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