Marshalltown 72″ Octagon Handle Blue – 1-3/4″ Diameter


MARSHALLTOWN Octagon Handles are specially designed for increased grip strength by an average of 20% for superior performance and offers a comfortable, slip-resistant hold even with wet or sweaty hands. This concrete extension tool is available in two styles: Insert or Swaged. Insert style handles are constructed from ribbed aluminum tubing and blue powder-coated to prevent oxidation from darkening your hands. Both styles have quick connect snap springs for easy attachment and are designed with tight tolerances to reduce sag when in use. You can also choose your preferred handle width. Swaged styles handles are Made in the USA with Global Materials.

  • Octagon profile provides an edged surface, which greatly increases grip
  • Comfortable slip-resistant grip, especially when hands are wet or sweaty
  • Increase grip strength by an average of 20%
  • Constructed from ribbed aluminum tubing
  • Internal ribs increase points of contact between handles and reduces sag
  • Blue powder coating keeps hands from turning black from oxidation
  • Insert style handle with quick connect snap spring


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