Marshalltown 20″ X 3-1/8″ Round End Magnesium Float w/DuraSoft Handle

SKU: M5154D

MARSHALLTOWN’s Curved or Straight End Hand Edgers help make edges on concrete slabs and come with a DuraSoft® handle that offers extra comfort. Creating edges helps prevent cracks and with both ends on the curved edger angled, you can conveniently go in either direction. Both of these types come in the option of carbon steel, stainless steel, or blue steel blade material. Each product also has the choice of blade size, radius size, and lip size. Any of them bringing you quality results to your concrete projects

  • Extruded from very hard, durable, lightweight magnesium
  • Fully rounded ends help prevent float marks
  • Comfortable handle is positioned to give the tool perfect balance
  • Handles are secured with torque pad screws that will not back out
  • Magnesium floats produce a smoother finish than wood


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