Marshalltown 12″ x 3-1/2″ Resin Float w/DuraSoft Handle

SKU: M54501D

The MARSHALLTOWN Resin Hand Floats are constructed with a ⅜” thick laminated canvas resin that leaves a smooth finish and still allows bleeding water to evaporate. They are also great for easily working color hardeners into concrete. MARSHALLTOWN designs include 12″ to 20″ in lengths that either have a round or square end depending on your needs. Choose a DuraSoft® or wood handle with your choice in handle shape on the float you picked.

  • Made from 3/8″ thick laminated canvas resin
  • Extremely dense
  • Works the slab like a wood float but lasts longer
  • Great for working color hardeners into concrete
  • Square End
  • DuraSoft Handle


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