Marshalltown 10′ Ezyscreed with Level


Made from lightweight aluminum, MARSHALLTOWN’s Ezyscreed™ Combo Screed has a dual-edge design. The sharp edge easily cuts down any high spots to make a level surface and the round edge conveniently creates a smooth surface, mimicking a Bull Float. This combo screed is created in lengths ranging from 3-12 feet, all easily screeding your concrete and can also be used as a check rod. The handle has ridges for better grip and a built-in level that you can use to check your work.

  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Featuring a dual-edge design, the sharp edge of the blade can be used for cutting concrete while the rounded edge can be used for floating.
  • This 10 foot combo screed is perfect for screeding concrete and can also be used as a check rod or float.
  • The handle has a built-in level for checking your work.


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