Kraft 6′ Fiberglass Button Handle with Insert – 1-1/2″ Diameter

SKU: K1CC674

This 72″ lightweight fiberglass button bull float handle features a 1-1/2″ diameter for easy handling. The bright yellow handle stands out so it is easy to keep track of on a jobsite. Fiberglass has similar properties as wood for shock absorption making it easier on your hands. A 1-3/8″ metal insert is secured within the handle to nest within brackets and handle adapters that fit 1-3/8 In. button handles. A single button clip secures the handle to brackets or other handles. Use an adapter (#CC675) to fit the 1-/2″ end to brackets and handles. This snap handle fits easily in any Kraft double tilt action float brackets (Kraft Tool #CC270, CC290, CC294, CC296), or single tilt brackets (Kraft Tool #CC666, CC696, CC697). This handle can also be attached to clevis brackets or threaded brackets with an adapter.


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