Kraft 48″ Flat Wire Texture Broom – 3/4″ Spacing

SKU: K1CC19834

A popular tool to creates non-skid surfaces on highways, bridges, airport runways, ramps, driveways, and cattle pens. The Flat Wire Texture Broom produces a uniform rough groove surface on roads and bridges for maximum traction and to keep water flowing off the road. In addition to traction and drainage surface tining helps diminish the noise pollution created with traffic. The snap-out, snap-in replaceable tines are blue spring steel. The .28″ thick tine is stiff enough to create groove, but provides a slight “give” for durability. The standard exposed length, extending from comb head, is 5″ in length by 1/8″ in width. Tine spacing of 3/4″ between the center of a tine to the center of the next tine is the most popular size. Check with your local Department of Transportation (DOT) for spacing requirements on specific jobs. The 48″ long broom has an attached clevis bracket. Use with a clevis handle or an adapter for use with bull float handles; all handles sold separately.


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