Husqvarna BG 245 Edger Power Trowel

SKU: 967928801

The Husqvarna BG 245 is a petrol-powered, walk-behind edger trowel, designed to deliver a smooth, durable concrete surface, specially developed for use in confined spaces and corners. It offers the Quickstop clutch for safety. BG 245 comes equipped with a foldable, de-vibrated, & height-adjustable handle and a maintenance stand for increased uptime.

  • Used for finishing newly cast concrete surfaces
  • Equipped with a Twist Pitch handle that, with a twist pitch knob, offers step-less adjusting of the blade angle
  • Equipped with a Quickstop clutch to immediately stop the trowel when you let go of the grip
  • Ergonomically assembled controls and smooth clutch engagement
  • Single lifting eye makes transporting easy
  • Handle is foldable, height adjustable and de-vibrated
  • Has an integrated maintenance stand for easy maintenance and blade changing resulting in less downtime


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