Husqvarna 23.6″ Diameter BG244 Power Trowel with Honda GX120 Engine

SKU: H1967859301

BG 244 is a petrol-powered, walk-behind edger trowel, designed to deliver a smooth, durable concrete surface, specially developed for use in confined spaces and corners. It offers the QUICKSTOP clutch for safety. BG 244 comes equipped with a foldable, de-vibrated & height-adjustable handle and a maintenance stand for increased uptime.


  • Quick Stop immediately halts the trowel when you let go of the handle
  • Height adjustable handles are equipped with ergonomically assembled controls and smooth clutch engagement
  • A maintenance stand facilitates service blade changing and cleaning


Motor/engine model: Honda GX 120, 4-stroke

Power output: 3.5 hp

Weight: 132 lbs


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