Brickform Cem-Coat Plus – 8LB BAG


Cem-Coat Plus is an opaque, high-strength, cement-based concrete coating. Applied by airless sprayer or by roller, Cem-Coat Plus creates a durable architectural coating for your unsealed concrete surface. Cem-Coat Plus can be integrally colored using the BRICKFORM pre-packaged Overlay Liquid Colorant and may be antiqued or stained once cured. Cem-Coat Plus is a one-component system that mixes with water, and it must be sealed to provide lasting durability.

• 8 lb. bags (3.62 kg.) 4 bags per box.
• Approx. 200 ft2 (18.58 m2) per bag.
• One-part system – Mixes with water
• Colour with Brickform Overlay Liquid Colorant
• Apply with roller or airless sprayer
• Recolor existing unsealed concrete


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