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JOB NAME: Commercial Project

CONTRACTOR: SCM Construction




SCM Construction was putting the finishing touches on a recent commercial job. In order to enhance the aesthetic of the portion of the foundation wall visible above-grade, the contractor was looking for a mortar with which to parge the foundation’s perimeter. The contractor came to Form & Build Supply with a product from a specific manufacturer in mind. The contractor sought out that particular product because he was familiar with the brand and not necessarily because he thought it was the best product for the job. For this reason, he was interested to learn about an alternative when Form & Build informed him that we typically don’t carry the brand he requested but do carry a market-leading product from a competing manufacturer.


With decades of combined industry knowledge and close supplier relationships, the Form & Build staff was able to suggest an alternative product to suit SCM’s needs: Planitop XS, a one-component, polymer-modified mortar with fiber-reinforcement and corrosion inhibiting properties. SCM Construction was pleased with the information Form & Build provided on Planitop XS as well as their practical knowledge in determining its suitability for the intended application. Furthermore, Form & Build’s large stock and flexible delivery assured SCM that they could get the product when they needed it.

With its extended working time and versatility, Planitop XS exceeded SCM’s expectations and created a durable, aesthetically-pleasing foundation parge that was easy to use. The contractor was impressed that the Form & Build team was able to introduce him to a product he did not know in order to help him complete his project.

Form & Build Supply has the industry knowledge, availability of market-leading products, flexible delivery, and unparalleled customer service to meet the onerous needs of contractors all over Ontario. Essentially, we have all the ingredients a concrete professional needs to get the job done.

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