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JOB NAME: Riverside Exhibition Centre

CONTRACTOR: Schilthuis Construction Inc.

OWNER: Caledonia Agricultural Society

ENGINEER/ARCHITECT: Structural: Kalos Engineering; Architect McCallum Sather; Civil: MTE


The Caledonia Fair has been a staple of life in Haldimand County for over 140 years. The growing community of Haldimand County needed a year-round space that can host large events for arts and culture, agricultural education and much more, with the current building lacking year-round heating, proper acoustics & event spaces. The Caledonia Agricultural Society started a complete renovation of the Hall that would, for the first time provide the area with a first-class meeting and entertainment facility.


Schilthuis contacted Form & Build when they required 20,000 square feet of insulation that would allow the building to be used year round. F&B supplied Amvic Ampex Insulated Radiant Floor Heating Panels which will regulate temperature and warm the building in the winter.

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