Rhino Concrete Crack Lock® Crack Repair Kit



The patent-pending Concrete Crack Lock permanently locks both sides of the crack together, preventing any further movement. Once set in place, using RCFs Structural Epoxy Injection Resin, it welds the crack together maximizing the tensile strength of the carbon fiber, unlike steel products this eliminates any potential for corrosion and reduces callbacks and warranty claims.

The Concrete Crack Lock is installed by removing a thin slit of concrete across the crack and drilling two small holes at each end. The cut is then filled with RCF Structural Epoxy Injection Resin, and the Concrete Crack Lock is inserted. Less concrete is removed and less epoxy is needed than common crack repair products, thus taking less time to install. The Concrete Crack Lock is an evolution of the staple, and can be installed in any application where a staple could be used.


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