Agreement Info
    1. By signing and filling out the form below, I authorize Form & Build Supply and or its agents, to contact any references given, including banks, to release
    and exchange such credit banking and financial information as may be necessary to determine credit standing.

    2. I also grant permission to the trade and bank references listed below to impart financial information requested by Form & Build Supply and their
    agents, in the course of regular credit investigations.

    3. As the principal/owner/operator referred to herin I take notice that reports will be sought containing personal information, financial information and
    credit information and I consent to the receipt, disclosure and exchange of such information to other business related parties, agents and consumer
    reporting agencies.

    4. As the undersigned I herby agree that subsequent credit information may be obtained throughout the duration of the business relationship and
    consent to the release of said information.

    5. I certify that the above information is true and correct, I also certify that I am authorized to bind the company and agree to pay invoices in full 30 days
    from the date of invoice

    6. In addition I (we) accept there is a service charge of 1.5% Monthly (19.56% Annually) on any balance outstanding over 30 days.

    7. Returns of any nature must be made within 30 days of purchase day. In some situations, a restocking charge may apply on a return. The percentage of
    the restocking charge is determined by Form & Build Supply.

    8. Goods and Services Tax and Provincial Sales Tax are in addition to the purchase price of goods. Taxes will be charged unless and exemption certificate
    is on file and properly completed.

    9. Form & Build Supply will take reasonable steps in delivering goods purchased with regards to the date specified. Under no circumstances will Form &
    Build Supply be held liable to damages of any kinds because of failure to do so.

    10. If the purchase requires a Purchase Order Number, it will be their responsibility to give the P.O number when the order is placed. Form & Build Supply
    will not be held liable for any order that does not have a Purchase Order Number.

    11. Returned Cheques will be subject to a $25.00 service charge.

    *By typing your name in the above field you agree that same constitutes your digital signature which we can rely upon and which will be deemed to evidence your agreement to the terms & conditions here of, and your representation and warranty that all of the information you have provided is accurate in all regards.

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