Looking Into Tomahawk’s Early Entry Saws

As we’ve covered previously, Tomahawk Power offers a range of power tools and equipment, including early entry saws. Early entry saws, also known as green saws or concrete saws, are used for cutting control joints in freshly poured concrete. These joints help control cracking and improve the overall strength & durability of the concrete slab. Tomahawk Power’s early entry saws are designed to provide efficient and precise cutting of concrete while in its green state. Below are some key features and benefits of Tomahawk’s early entry saws:

Precision Cutting: Tomahawk’s early entry saws are equipped with high-quality diamond blades that allow for clean and precise cuts in freshly poured concrete. This precision cutting helps create straight, uniform control joints that enhance the appearance and performance of the concrete slab.

Adjustable Blade Depth: Many Tomahawk early entry saws feature adjustable blade depth settings, allowing operators to control the depth of the cuts according to the specifications of the project. This flexibility ensures that control joints are cut to the correct depth for optimal performance.

Power and Performance: Tomahawk’s early entry saws are powered by reliable engines or motors, providing the necessary power to cut through concrete quickly and efficiently. Whether powered by gasoline engines or electric motors, even utilizing the top of the line 13 HP Honda GX390 Engine, these saws deliver consistent performance in demanding construction environments.

Ease of Use: Designed with user convenience in mind, Tomahawk’s early entry saws are engineered for ease of operation. Ergonomic handles, intuitive controls, and lightweight construction contribute to operator comfort and productivity on the job site. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, Tomahawk’s early entry saws are constructed from durable materials that ensure long-term reliability and performance. Sturdy frames and components are designed to withstand the vibrations and stresses associated with concrete cutting operations.

Overall, Tomahawk Power early entry saws are trusted tools in the construction industry, providing contractors and professionals with the precision, power, and reliability they need to effectively cut control joints in freshly poured concrete. Form & Build is proud to carry both the Tomahawk 10″ Early Entry Green Concrete Saw with 13 HP Honda GX390 Engine and the Tomahawk 6″ Early Entry Green Concrete Saw with 3.5 HP Honda GX120 Engine.

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