About Tomahawk Power Trowels & Screeds

Tomahawk Power is a leading manufacturer in Power Trowels along with other construction equipment. Tomahawk Power Trowels are known for their durability, performance, and ease of use. There is a trowel to suit all sorts of concrete finishing needs, whether it’s smaller scale residential projects or large-scale commercial applications. Tomahawk Power trowels feature robust engines, sturdy construction, and ergonomic designs to ensure efficient and effective concrete finishing and give you professional-quality concrete surfaces. Form & Build stocks a variety of power trowels from Tomahawk including the 46″ Ride-On Concrete Power Trowel with 35HP Vanguard Engine, the 24″ Concrete Power Trowel Edger 5.5HP Honda Float Pan Blade Screed Finishing Tool, 30” Concrete Power Trowel with extendable Bull Float handle (up to 18’!) and two power levels of the 36″ Power Trowel, one with the Honda GX160 engine and for those looking for more power, the 9HP Honda GX270 engine with Combo Blades and Float Pan Finishing Tool.

Tomahawk’s offering includes a range of power screeds designed to streamline the process of leveling and smoothing freshly poured concrete surfaces. These power screeds are catered to the needs of both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts, equipped with powerful engines and precision-engineered components. Tomahawk Power screeds provide efficient and effective concrete finishing results and achieve professional-quality finishes with minimal effort and maximum productivity. Form & Build is proud to carry the Tomahawk Pro Series Honda Power Screed With 1.6HP Engine.

Form & Build is stocked and ready for the season with these amazing products. You can see even more Tomahawk products on our site now by clicking here and get what you’re looking for online today. If you want more information, or to learn about pricing, you can call any of our six branches to learn more about any Tomahawk products, with staff trained and ready to answer all questions you may have.