Getting to Know the New MC Bauchemie Fastpack System

Form & Build could not be more excited about the launch of our new product line from the fantastic team at MC Bauchemie. MC Bauchemie may sound like a new name to you, but they are not new to the industry. Started over 60 years ago, MC Bauchemie is one of the leading international producers of building chemical products and technologies. With more than 2,800 employees in over 40 countries, MC has acquired a well-renowned reputation for sophisticated and advanced solutions and technologies. Being a private company focused largely on its relations with the right companies, a partnership between MC Bauchemie and Form & Build was a no-brainer – their long-term success speaks for itself. Form & Build is now Canada’s exclusive provider of the MC Fastpack concrete injections and adhesives system. We are proud to be the first to bring this product line to not only the Ontario market but the Canadian market. Form & Build is consistently looking for innovative products to aid all our customers effectively and efficiently in their construction endeavours. Never afraid to think outside the box, and always looking to stay ahead of the curve. The MC Fastpack system fits directly into what Form & Build has been all about for nearly 50 years. Never staying stagnant and always looking for innovation. This system is the newest within our forever-growing line of products, made for modern-day needs and people.

Here’s everything you’re going to need to know about the MC Fastpack system. This system helps you implement a wide range of injection and adhesive operations simply, quickly, and reliably. There are numerous products within the system that Form & Build will be carrying. The MC-Fastpack 1264 Compact is a low-viscosity epoxy-based duromer resin, that is used for rigid filling by injection or impregnation of cracks, joints, and limited cavities in civil and structural engineering works under dry and moisture-laden conditions. It also can be used for reinforcement and waterproofing of underground infrastructure made of concrete and masonry, all simply applied by the MC-Fastpack Power-Tool in which Form & Build is also carrying. It is chemically resistant and has high penetration activity due to low surface tension. Next, the MC-Fastpack 2300 Top is a particularly low-viscosity polyurethane-based elastomer resin, that is a ductile, flexible filler and sealant of cracks, construction joints and cavities in concrete and masonry under dry, water-bearing and pressurized water-bearing conditions. Also used for waterproofing of masonry against moisture penetration and rising damp as well as waterproofing of pipe and liner connections to manhole/shaft structures of sewerage infrastructure. Applied simply with the MC-Fastpack Power-Tool. It has high elasticity, durable water impermeability, and high penetration activity due to low surface tension.

Next up there’s the MC-Fastpack 2700. The 2700 is a low-viscosity polyurethane-based duromer resin used for sealing and reinforcing of cracked and void-rich structures made of concrete, masonry and natural stone in building construction, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and general civil engineering, as well as waterproofing of concrete and masonry, and sealing of sheet pile and diaphragm walls. Featuring high compressive and tensile strength, durable water impermeability, and variable control of reactivity. Again, simply applied by the MC-Fastpack Power-Tool. The MC-Fastpack PR Solid is a highly reactive universal adhesive used for rigid gluing of concrete and steel, for damming and coating. Is a ready-to-use 2-component polyurethane-based adhesive that can also be used for gluing mineral and metallic building materials as well as various plastics, and adhesive packers for injection work. It adheres well to mineral and metallic surfaces with rapid strength development and has comfortable hand processing from double-chamber cartridges. Also used for closing and bandaging of cracks and kerfs, the PR Solid has many functional uses. Again, applied through the MC-Fastpack Power-Tool.

With 2 more products to dive into, we now have the MC-AnchorSolid E820. The AnchorSolid E820 is a ready-to-use 2-component epoxy-based anchor adhesive that is suitable for dry and wet non-cracked concrete, and applicable with threaded rods and rebars. Used for anchoring work for static and quasi-steady loads in horizontal, vertical and overhead areas as well as anchoring for dry and permanent wet interior and exterior components, with and without especially aggressive conditions. It is thixotropic and stable for vertical and overhead application with high compressive and tensile strength. Can also be used for anchoring of threaded rods and rebars for fixings of attachments examples being consoles, railings, storage racks, awnings, scaffolding, suspended ceiling, building technology, etc. Applied by, yes, you guessed it, the MC-FastPack Power-Tool. The final new product is the MC-FastPack Injekt LE. The Injekt LE is a low-viscosity polyurethane-based expansion resin that is water-displacing and pressure resistant that dampens vibrations. Used for stopping extreme water leakages in structures and sewage structures with cavity filling up to 60 cm in diameter (without aggregate). Also used for partial reinforcement of structures and closing penetrations and anchor holes. The Injekt LE features no lasting effects on soil and groundwater according to the test principles of the DIBt and is also is applied with the MC-FastPack Power-Tool.

The MC Bauchemie Fastpack family of injection resins is amongst the most versatile and high-quality of all. With a resin for all kinds of needs, with excellent quality assured, you can’t go wrong when choosing the MC Bauchemie Fastpack System. Not only is all the technical data and safety data available on our website right here to be viewed for more information, you can also get in contact with any Form & Build sales representative to hear from them on the products, as all employees received top of the line highly detailed training on the full system and how it can be used to help any and all situations. If you don’t have a Form & Build sales representative, call the closest of the 6 branches to you and someone will be happily waiting to answer your questions and fulfill your requests.