The Future of Stormwater Irrigation 

One of the most popular environmental issues being discussed globally is the issue of limited fresh water. It is no secret that industries everywhere have been shifting their focus to more environmentally friendly efforts. Here in North America, citizens use fresh water every day for simple things like, flushing the toilet and watering plants and grass. One of the most popular ways to avoid using the limited fresh water supply on tasks where it’s not necessary is by using Storm Water; often, people don’t realize that they could be utilizing Storm Water in a variety of different applications. In recent years many municipalities have been creating laws pertaining to the control of stormwater runoff and systems needed in place to manage it. This is where our incredibly popular and often asked about product comes into play; Form & Build is the proud Ontario-wide exclusive supplier of ABT’s Permavoid, which has been the talk of many trade shows and our most popular lunch and learn topic. 

So, what is Permavoid? It is described as a modular interlocking polypropylene void-former, that was originally designed as a high-strength, lightweight and open patented subbase replacement system. The system is characterized by an exceptionally high compressive strength and bending resistance. The units connected with PermaTies create a rigid horizontal structural “raft”, ideal for multifunctional subbase applications. It allows for passive stormwater irrigation to take place, using the fallen stormwater, it stores and passes the water to wherever is desired (could be placed under the grass of a golf course, under a stone pathway in a backyard, or by cities to use under greenery in the streets). This replaces the need of irrigation for the area using fresh water and manual applications. Permavoid simply stores the stormwater and if needed can move that water in a direction to irrigate a certain area, or have it come right back up vertically. Permavoid subbase systems are incredibly versatile because you can build and attach them like Lego blocks to fit any area and any need. They come in 2 sizes, those being the Permavoid 150 and Permavoid 85, with nothing differing than what size you need for your application. 

On top of the environmental pros of replacing the need for freshwater for unnecessary tasks, there are other pros to Permavoid as well. It is unfortunately well known that eco-friendly efforts are typically more expensive than the not. That is not the case with Permavoid. Permavoid saves you money in a wide variety of ways making it in the end an actual cost-saving method of irrigation. Permavoid eliminates the costs associated with deep excavations, backfill materials, potential subgrade conflicts, and any/all costs associated with the manual removal of stormwater runoff compared to other subbase systems. It also means less trips to the planters for water (this uses less water overall) which means less trips for the crews involved with keeping the greens fresh and healthy (less manual labour). 

Permavoid has been growing in popularity every month with many engineering, architects and municipalities getting involved (before laws will make them get involved in years to come) and Form & Build could not be happier to be Ontario’s exclusive provider. Form & Build is eager to help you learn more and would love to do a lunch and learn session to help you figure out how Permavoid can work for you in your specific situations. You can give us a call at (905) 362-1554 or visit us at to set up a lunch and learn with us and your business as soon as possible (or whatever day works best for you) and feel free to check out Permavoid on our website at to see for yourself!