Getting Familiar with TrenchFormer TFX

Here at Form & Build, it is easy to see that our bread and butter is concrete forming. Today we are proud to bring to you another product spotlight, with this product being in our favourite realm, concrete forming. Brought to you by our trusted supplier ABT, we are thrilled to be spotlighting the one and only TrenchFormer TFX concrete forming system. This concrete forming system provides a variety of benefits and has recently taken the concrete forming market by storm.

The TrenchFormer TFX concrete forming system is described as “the original expanded polystyrene cast-in-place concrete forming system”. It differs from traditional hand-formed cast-in-place trenches through the completely customizable forming sections, allowing designers to select the width, depth, shape, and slope for any specification and project conditions. The result is a high-precision monolithic trench that is faster and easier to install. The excellent creativity that this system brings is simply unmatched, plus the ease of installation is a nice bonus too. On top of this, the concrete former is entirely removed prior to service allowing complete inspection of the workmanship and quality of the final product. While other systems conceal concrete voids, which could lead to frame collapse amongst other failures. When you combine expert cast-in-place pouring methods with the TrenchFormer TFX, the end result is a concrete U-shaped drainage channel that’s made to last.

Wondering if there could be even more to love about the TrenchFormer TFX system? There sure is. On top of those amazing benefits, it’s also environmentally friendly! The expanded polystyrene forms are manufactured without CFC’s and can be disposed of safely and easily.  It’s also recyclable plus The TrenchFormer TFX concrete trench drain forms reduce the amount of landfill materials associated with cast-in-place or liner systems. With heavy machinery only being involved during the excavation process, this system is not only creative, in-depth, and straightforward, its very green too!

Not that you needed any more reason to be impressed but the ABT TrenchFormer cast-in-place trench drain system is put in place in a fraction of the time of previous cast-in-place trench drain construction methods. This reduces install costs by minimum 33%, saving money for everyone involved. The components are specifically designed for prolonged service life too. Clearly it can be seen why this product has everyone talking. You may be asking yourself, where could I get such an incredible product? Well, Form & Build is here to help. You can call the closest of any of our 6 branches Ontario-wide for more information and make sure to check out our website here for more information as well!