Why We Can’t Get Enough of Poly Meta Forms

It’s no secret that concrete forming is our bread & butter at Form & Build. Which means that after over 45 years of being a trusted industry leader in all things related to concrete forming, that if we really like something it must be really, really good. The something we really like right now and can’t stop raving about is Poly Meta Forms.

Poly Meta Forms are a lightweight and green alternative to traditional curb forming methods. As opposed to using wood for the forms, Poly Meta Forms use a combination of plastic with steel stake pockets and overhead hangers for all kinds of concrete jobs. The plastic material allows for flexibility of the forms, which just isn’t possible with wood forms. The flexibility allows for countless more uses and the ability to save time when creating rounded areas. The Poly Meta Form system allows for horizontal and vertical adjustments by simply loosening the wedge on the steel pockets. For horizontal adjustments, twist in overhead hanger unit adjusts for both curb thickness and curb batter and for vertical adjustments the Stacking Pockets let users achieve varying heights.

Not convinced yet? The flexibility allows for a quicker and smoother concrete forming process, and ultimately cuts down on labour costs, and end up saving money by not having to buy as many 2×4’s! Poly Meta Forms resist moisture and are, of course, recommend to be used with a release agent. All together this is a better alternative to traditional curb forming methods.

Luckily for you, you are able to find Poly Meta Forms here on our website Through This Link. You can get a quote online through our website, or by calling the nearest of our 6 branches to you. We’d be happy to talk with you about all things Poly Meta!