Helping You Not Slip This Winter

Winter is upon us here in Southern Ontario. Everyone can see it, and definitely feel it. With that, there are plenty of additional things that we do as people to prepare for the winter, to aid us in dealing with it the best we can, such as gloves, hats, scarves, and huge winter jackets. Not only do we require increased safety measures during this time, but your concrete surfaces do too. There are some products that are regularly used within the industry to help protect during these times. Let’s get into seeing what some of these products look like, and what they do for us.
ADA Tactile Warning Tiles
ADA Tactile Warning Tiles are used in retrofitting concrete surfaces to provide a surface that is brightly coloured (so it can be easily seen), and with long lasting grip (for slip resistance), all while being incredibly simple to install. These tiles are used in areas such as sidewalks, or anywhere where there are large amounts of foot traffic, where slipping and falling is likely to occur. They are used especially in places where if one were to slip and fall, it could be incredibly detrimental. These tiles are perfect in the winter because of snow, sleet, and hail that can cover the exposed concrete surfaces, creating tons of icy surfaces for people to fall and hurt themselves on. These tiles nearly completely eliminate the chance of a slip and fall, with their incredible weather resistant grip technology. On top of being a very safe addition to any concrete surface, there are plenty of financial gains to be had with them. First off, you can avoid potential lawsuits of those getting injured off their falls from icy/wet surfaces, which is always a plus. An additional financial gain is that these tiles are easily retrofitted onto concrete surfaces, so when you install them, you are not required to rip up/replace the concrete, which saves money by not having to replace said concrete. Additionally, these tiles are AODA compliant allowing blind individuals to safely get to crosswalks, and know where to stand, wait, and cross the street.

Wooster Spectra Stair Tread
Wooster Spectra Stair Tread is a stair nosing applied to concrete to provide excellent grip on stair steps. These treads come in many sizes and lengths meaning there is a fit for all surfaces of any size and colour. These treads can be used for any steps that are in outdoor locations such as steps in parks and public areas, as well as indoors in places like stadiums. They are used for both outdoor stair steps because of their incredible grip and slip resistance, as well as indoors in places where spills and wet surfaces may be common. The installation is again very simple for these products making them an easy addition for any stairs that may need them. On top of the safety features highlighted, they also do their part in protection from lawsuits for slips and falls, similar to the last product. Their winter use is very common for plenty of surfaces, for example at an indoor event where foot traffic is regularly going up and down stairs, people track in all the wetness on their shoes that winter brings, causing a definite need for these stair treads.

But What if I Would Like to Buy These Products?
Well, you are in luck! Form & Build happens to supply multiple ADA products as well as multiple Wooster products. Visit to check out the ADA tactile Warnings Strips, and visit to check out the Wooster Spectra Stair Tread (amongst the many other Wooster stair tread products that Form & Build carries). Go to our website and receive an online quote, its that easy!