Form and Build


I wanted to leave you my thoughts on the Kryton products I recently purchased from you. First off let me say that when we had the meeting with Danielle from Kryton I was skeptical to say the least but at the same time intrigued.

I recently had a small mixing tank to pour in Perth ON, the details were very vague and there was no waterproofing in the spec either. I had talked to my boss and told him about the Kryton product and suggested we add this in order to protect ourselves from any leaks. After doing the math the cost to us was very minimal to ensure a water tight tank.

Once the walls were poured on the tank we patched the ties holes with Kryton Plug, T1 and T2 then after curing we filled the tank with water and we found right away several leaks, (this test started on a Friday afternoon).

On Monday when we arrived on site the majority 90% of the leaks had stopped and you could see the crystallization from the Kryton product, to say the least it was impressive. After one more day all the holes stopped leaking.

I was very impressed how well the Kryton products worked that I would recommend this application to anyone who has tank pours, I personally will use Kryton on ant tank pours we have in the future. The cost to add Kryton is far cheaper and less time consuming than having to crack inject leak areas.

Sincerely Adam Arsenault,

GSI Project Manager – Civil Environmental Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.