W.R. Meadows EG-96 HP – High Strength, Flowable Epoxy Grout


Product Description

EG-96 HP is a three component, 100 % solids, VOC and BGE1 free, epoxy resin system designed specifically for pours from 1″ (25.4 mm) to 8″ (203.2 mm). EG-96 HP offers rapid strength development and excellent flow characteristics. EG-96 HP flows into spaces under machines and fills completely before hardening. EG-96 HP shows good resistance to impact and vibratory loading equal to reinforced rubber materials and will not delaminate under the most severe shock loads.

EG-96 HP is designed for deep grouting of large machine bases, setting level wedges, and sole plates requiring precision alignment under dynamic and vibratory load conditions. EG-96 HP is suitable for crane rail and wind turbine base plate grouting. EG-96 HP is suitable for aggressive chemical environments where cement-based, non-shrink grouts may not offer the necessary chemical resistance in case of a spill or leak from grouted equipment/pump system. The product may be used for the installation of anchors and dowels2. EG-96 HP may be used for the support of chemical tanks, vessels, and rotating equipment. The product may be used as a vibratory dampening filler for rotating equipment.


  • High early strength.
  • Excellent creep resistance.
  • Thermal stability during application.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel.
  • High degree of chemical resistance.
  • Economical for large volume applications.
  • Adjustable flow to meet various onsite conditions.

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