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CG-86 construction-grade grout is a non-ferrous, non-gaseous, non-shrink economical grout. It was specifically developed as a high strength, cost-effective, general purpose grout for use across a broad range of large and small construction projects. CG-86 is non-gaseous, will not rust and contains no added chlorides or gypsum. It is furnished pre-mixed and ready to use. CG-86 may be extended for deep grouting with pea gravel for greater yield and increased economy.

CG-86 is very versatile and may be used for either interior or exterior applications. CG-86 is designed for base-plate grouting, anchoring, pre-cast wall panels and bridge seats.

ASTM C 1107, Grade A, B & C
Corps of Engineers Spec. CRD-C-621

50 lb. (22.7 kg) Poly-lined Bags

0.43 ft³ (0.012 m³) per 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bag.

Furnished premixed and ready to use … just add water.
Provides a high strength, non-ferrous, non-shrink grout for a broad range of general construction projects.
Offers the strength and characteristics required for cost-effective, general purpose grouting.
Cost reductions are realized when extended with pea gravel for deep grouting.
Requires no separate bonding agent.
No site batching required for consistent results.

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