Pool Deck-O-Shield Plus


Product Description

DECK-O-SHIELD PLUS is a premium-grade, ready-to-use, water-based sealer formulated for use on natural stone. DECK-O-SHIELD PLUS is formulated specifically to seal porous surfaces and is ideal to use on pool copings and decks protecting them from salt penetration. It can be used on all porous surfaces such as natural stone, tile, concrete, pavers, and grout. DECK-O-SHIELD PLUS provides a solution to spalling and pitting of porous stone and concrete surfaces caused by salt penetration as well as spalling caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

DECK-O-SHIELD PLUS weatherproofs and protects virtually all porous surfaces, including decks, porches, patios, and walkways around pools. This includes the following surfaces: natural stone, mortar joint, concrete, brick, concrete block, stucco.

Another advantage DECK-O-SHIELD PLUS provides is that the product will not alter the color or tint of the surface after application. There is no need for worry when applying DECK-O-SHIELD PLUS, because the product will have no adverse effects on surface appearance after application.

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