Cem-Kote Flex Plus

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Product Description

Cem-Kote Flex Plus is used for waterproofing and crack spanning, when a superior flexibility, or low temperature flexibility is required. It provides an excellent negative and positive side waterproofing. When exposed to low temperatures, and in new construction where a superior flexibility is required (waste water treatment facilities), Cem-Kote Flex Plus is reinforced with the Reinforcing Fabric HD throughout. In restoration, Reinforcing Fabric HD is used just over the cracks to provide bridging.

  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures
  • Substrate crack spanning, up to 2.5 mm
  • Superior waterproofing (negative & positive)
  • Long term crack resistance
  • Excellent salt scaling resistance
  • Effective protection against acid rain
  • Self-curing
  • Continuous water immersion possible
  • Superior freeze/thaw resistance
  • Highly breathable
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Salt resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy mixing & application = sprayable

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