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A premium tool for snapping off the ends of 1-1/8″ residential wall ties.
Most break-off tools for the 1-1/8″ form contractor are made by putting a notch and a bend in a piece of flat bar and calling it a day. For such an often-used tool, this never seemed right to us. So we started from scratch, and designed the BT-10 TieBreaker, a totally new, premium-quality tool which has been widely praised and imperfectly imitated since we introduced it in 1998.

The key feature is a special three-slot, alloy steel tool head–made from the same steel in fine chisels–carefully through-hardened to give it the wear resistance and toughness to strip many hundreds of foundations. Angled side slots make it easier to reach both high and low ties.

A strong, lightweight tubular steel handle provides plenty of leverage without adding unneccessary weight. And finally, a soft, non-slip vinyl grip is easy on the hands and its bright color makes it harder to lose.

An inexpensive alternative to the BT-10
The BT-2 is a low-cost complement to our premium TieBreaker. It costs about the same as a standard flat-bar tool, but still gives you more.

The “working end” has a “funnel” shaped slot to quickly guide the tool onto the tie. This unique feature means you can snap off more ties per hour with less effort.

On the other end, we've provided a convenient 11/16″ hex wrench to tighten up the hex stud bolts on form panels.

The whole tool is lighter and more compact than any other break-off tool on the market. The one-piece handle is formed into a rounded, hand-conforming shape and zinc plated a bright yellow color.

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