6 weeping tile

6″ perf / Solid / Filtered Weeping Tile

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Product Description

Gravenhurst Plastics and Temiskaming Plastics produce corrugated drainage tubing in a variety of sizes from 3″ to 8″ in both solid and a perforated format. Our perforated pipe can take on any perforation configuration our customers may require, and is available with a filter sock. All corrugated fittings – from elbows to caps – are produced at our Gravenhurst plant.

Used for road construction, foundation drainage, farm drainage and golf course drainage, our corrugated drainage tubing is available in rolls ranging from 100 feet to 4000 feet. Also available is our 4″ corrugated Hydro-Approved pipe with a pull cord inside which is used to protect buried hydro cable. The pull cord inside allows for the cable to be pulled through after the tubing has been buried.

High Density Polyethylene Duct (Polyduct)

Used in the communication industry for the protection of buried cable and fiber optics, Gravenhurst Plastics produces Coilable High Density Polyethylene duct in sizes ranging from ½” to 4″ in standard colours of black and orange with other colours available upon request. Our Polyduct is available in three Standard Dimension Ratio’s (SDR) of 11, 13.5, and 17, along with Schedule 40 (all dimensions as per ASTM F 714/ASTM 3035). Gravenhurst Plastics can produce Polyduct in the following configurations:
Smooth inside and smooth outside;
Smooth inside and ribbed outside;
Ribbed inside and smooth outside;
Ribbed inside and ribbed outside.

An optional pull string is available for all configurations.

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