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W.R. Meadows CG86 Construction Grade Grout image

W.R. Meadows CG86 Construction Grade Grout

Project: Waterloo Region Consolidated Courthouse
Location: Kitchener, ON
Architect/Engineer: Norr
Contractor: Ellis Don


Kitchener Courthouse has been a Project for almost 3 years in downtown Kitchener.

Form & Build Supply has supplied many products to them, the largest volume product being the CG86. Supplying for curbs, base plating and filling doorframes. They used the CG86 because they are familiar with Meadows Products and trust Form & Build Supply recommendations.

CG-86 construction-grade grout is a non-gaseous, non-shrink economical grout. It was specifically developed as a high strength, cost-effective, general-purpose grout for use across a broad range of large and small construction projects. CG-86 will not rust and contains no added chlorides or gypsum. It is furnished pre-mixed and ready to use. CG-86 may be extended for deep grouting with pea gravel for greater yield and increased economy. CG-86 is freeze-thaw stable and may be used interiorly or exteriorly, above- or below-grade.

CG-86 is versatile and designed for base-plate grouting, anchoring, precast wall panels, and bridge seats. CG-86 is suitable for transportation, industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.

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