Form and Build

EIFS Wall Tie – Talisman Square image

EIFS Wall Tie – Talisman Square

Project: Talisman Square – 467 Edinburgh Rd.
Location: Guelph, ON
Architect/Engineer: BJC Architects
Contractor: Balnar Management


This building had an exterior EIFS cladding installed over top to increase the life of the building, and needed an aesthetic way of fastening the wall.

A modified 2 strut coil tie was manufactured with a plate welded on, to give the proper strength and distance. The end of the tie was made to incorporate a plastic plug that is removable, for wall maintenance. The plastic cone was simply covered with a suitable colour matched sealant.

The tie was also used to anchor the scaffolding in place as the wall was being built.

All parties involved are very pleased the end result.