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ABT Polydrain PDX – Maple Leaf Foods image

ABT Polydrain PDX – Maple Leaf Foods

Project: Rothsay Maple Leaf Foods
Location: Rothsay, ON
Contractor: COCO Paving


COCO Paving contacted Form & Build in September regarding a trench project that they had coming up but wouldn’t go until the end of the year. Although they didn’t have a ton of details to start with we forwarded drawings down to ABT and they came up with a detailed take off and layout for COCO Paving. We submitted the layout to the contractor who in turn sent it off to the engineer for approval. Once we received approval from the engineer the Contractor required a quick turn around. We were able to have the material on site within 10 days and they were able to install the PDX before the weather set in for the winter.

The PDX system allows the designer or customer the ability to select the trench width, depth, and slope as hydraulically required. No longer do the limited manufacturers’ product offerings drive the design